Obsessed Fan Wants To Marry Hillary Duff


Lizzie McGuire superstar, aka Hilary Duff, is all grown up and her fans have noticed. Some more than others. Los Angeles authorities contacted the actress’ team to inform them of an unnamed fan, who is driving all over Duff’s neighborhood, hell-bent on asking the celebrity to marry him. Daily Mail has find out  that Duff beefed up her security in order to keep the fan away.

A limousine driver was the one who blew the whistle on Duff’s stalker, because he was driving the man when he talked about the alleged proposal. The man had a photo of actress’ home and he was driving out and about Beverley Hills for over two hours in hope of finding it. Needless to say that the driver contacted the LA police as soon as the man left the car, and police patrols have been on the lookout ever since.

Both Duff and her team were familiar with this man even before the police got involved. They all know his name and personal description, because apparently he approached the star already, but he’s never gone this far. We’re sad to say that Duff seems to be afraid for her safety, which is something no one should ever have to go through.


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