O.J. Simpson’s Murder Weapon Found?


Despite being in prison for armed robbery and kidnapping, retired football star O.J. Simpson has been in the media spotlight recently, expressing his disapproval of the fact that Cuba Gooding Jr. is portraying him in the commercially successful tv show about his notorious murder case.

However, what really caught the attention of the public is TMZ’s report about a knife being found on the premises of Simpson’s former home, which was demolished in 1998. The only problem is that the details surrounding the uncovering of this weapon are rather incredulous. To begin with, it is uncertain whether the knife was discovered in 1998 or, according to the celebrity website, “several years ago.”

Second, the story goes that the construction worker dug up the knife, gave the weapon to a police officer in the vicinity of the house, which is quite odd seeing as the cop was off duty at that moment. That officer then kept it, recently revealing to a friend who works in LAPD that the knife was in his possession for all these years. Apparently, he retired in January and thought it was an amazing idea to frame the blade on his wall. Expectedly, the friend told all this to his superiors, who demanded that the retired cop turn the weapon over, which he did.

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