North West Officialy First Person To Wear ’15 Alexander Wang


You know how Kimye love dragging little baby North around fashion shows and other top celebrity events? This time they took the toddler to see the Alexander Wang AW ’15 show at New York Fashion Week and dressed her for the occasion.

North wore a custom Alexander Wang bomber jacket, combined with a black dress with studs on the collar and the hem. Kim and Kanye also wore all black, which was only appropriate considering they were seeing a Wang show, which took a turn for the dark with a decidedly heavy metal-goth inspiration.

Unlike Daddy Kanye, whose dedication to the fashion industry is undisputed, little North didn’t seem that amused with the show and paid more attention to her neighbors Nicky Minaj and Zoe Krawitz. Which, of course, is no wonder, considering she is a toddler and probably had better places to be and more appropriate things to see than a bunch of anorexic models wearing ominous black outfits.

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