North West Being Taught To Succeed


An ego as big as Kanye’s couldn’t possibly be expected to come up with any sort of modest or regular-people plans for his daughter North West.

As a source close to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West explained, the couple (especially Kanye) wants their daughter to become a famous artist, scientist, poet, musician…whatever she wants, as long as it is something big and special.

The little North will, of course, be privileged enough to be able to avoid work and other unnecessary distractions that might keep her from pursuing her destiny of a genius.

Kanye expects his daughter to become the next Emily Dickinson, Einstein or Chopin, and to assure it happens, he regularly exposes her to great works of art, whether it is paintings or classic operas and symphonic pieces.

The couple wants to give little North every opportunity she needs to explore and improve her mind and her talents, by doing only things she enjoys.

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