No Spanking For North West


Different ways to discipline a child have always been the subject of different, but strong opinions and often a subject of controversy too.

Kim’s ex, Reggie Bush, said recently that his parenting style will not necessarily exclude spanking (he did say, though, that he will try not to leave bruises on his daughter). With all the talk about spanking, it was only natural that we’d get to hear what Kimye have to say on the subject.

According to a source close to the two, Kim and Kanye agreed before the baby was even born, that they would not hit or spank their daughter or use any other form of physical punishment to discipline her. Kim’s sister Kourtney also never hits her children and has a more progressive approach to parenting, and her children are doing just fine.

According to the source, Kimye will use other, more positive and patient ways to discipline little North when she starts misbehaving.

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