No More Kids For Jessica!


Considering that she’s a newlywed, a lot of people have been wondering whether Jessica Simpson would have another child.

However, Jessica cleared all this up for us last Sunday when she shared a snap on her account showing her and a friend’s newborn.

The make-up free mother-of-two said she does not want to have another in the caption she posted along with the photograph.

The reality television star, who married former NFL journeyman Eric Johnson earlier in July, insisted, “I love you Jack, but I do not want another!!

Her famous blonde tresses were pulled up into a ponytail, and she kept it casual in a soft red sweater with white stars.

The newborn looked unbothered as Jessica held him close to her chest.

On Sunday, Jessica shared a couple of shots of daughter Maxwell Drew, two-year old, and Ace in adorable poses.

One photo shows Ace with his blonde locks spiked high, reminiscent of Jim Carrey’s character on Ace Ventura, Pet Detective and Jessica posted, “Alrighty Then Ace.

With his cute full cheeks, he looked focused on something apparently very fascinating that had caught his attention.

The next picture features Maxwell in jean overalls sitting on the grass and holding hands with Curan, the son of one of Jessica’s friends.

The caption read, “Overalls always make a boy fall in love Maxi and Curran forever!

It appears Jessica has been quite active on ever since she married Eric Johnson on July 5.

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