No Charges For Kardashian Birthday Firework Insanity


James Harden became the latest “addition” to the Kardashian Jenner Corporation when he started dating Khloe. The Houston Rockets star was thrown a party by the KJ Corp. back in August and it was a wild one. The pinnacle of the celebration were fireworks that were fired from a boat anchored off the coast.

The problem with the fireworks was that the Kardashians and Jenners went overboard and almost caused thousands of heart attack deaths in the area. Namely, the fireworks were insanely huge and loud and their neighbors (and not just neighbors) didn’t like it one bit.

The LA County’s Sheriff Department started an investigation and after completing it, they approached the District Attorney and asked for a disturbing-the-peace misdemeanor charge. The D.A. decided against it since the Coast Guard was notified and since the boat was far enough not to need a permit. In short, no charges will be filed against the America’s No.1 family. Hurray!

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