Nicky Minaj’s Anaconda Video Expectedly Provocative


Nicky Minaj decided to stop teasing the entire world and finally released thefull music video for her latest hit ‘’Anaconda.’’

The video is everything her fans expected it to be, and more.  Expectedly, Minaj leaves little to the imagination of her audiences around the world, apparently celebrating curvy ladies with big booties.

Mostly placed in a jungle setting, the video features Nicky in various bikinis and both the 31-year-old star and her backup dancers put their bootylicious bodies on display.

Make sure to watch the entire video, as the most sexually explicit moment happens towards the end when the famous singer performs a lap dance; the Canadian rapper Drake remains speechless and pretty much overwhelmed by the dance.

One fan wrote on Twitter:

She literally incorporated all the ears of her career into one video. Thank you for this slayage.

Other fans were more straightforward in their tweets, posting comments such as “HOLY F–KIN’ S–T!!! Literally almost passed out after watching that,” and, regarding a certain sexually explicit moment, “THIS SHOULD BE ILLEGAL.”

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