Nicki Minaj Slammed For Nazi Imagery In Only Video

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Press Room

Rapper Nicki Minaj and music video director Jeff Osborne have been widely criticized for using Nazi-inspired imagery in the newly released lyric video for Minaj’s song Only, featuring Chris Brown, Drake and Lil Wayne.

In the clip, a cartoon Minaj sits in a throne in front of an army of soldiers sporting Young Money red-black-and-white arm bands that resemble the Nazi swastika.

Although Minaj and Osborne are ignoring the backlash on Twitter, the director obviously has no problem with the criticism.  Namely, he has been retweeting and favoriting negative tweets ever since the video came out.

Normally, fans are outraged and people are calling for the video to be talen down because it degrades the millions of people who lost their lives in the Holocaust.

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