Nicki Minaj Says Meek Mill Is A Changed Man


Nicky Minaj is doing all she can to prove her boyfriend Meek Mill’s innocence. However, when asked about marrying Mill, the rapper fell silent.

Mill violated his probation by not getting permission to leave Philadelphia for the AMA’s last month, and permission is required because he is on probation for drug and gun charges.

Meek Mill’s freedom is now on the line and the defense is doing all they can to justify his probation violation. Mill’s lawyer told the judge that his client really wants to marry Nicki, who said nothing of this in her testimony. The rapper did, however, acknowledge that the two are in a romantic relationship.

Nicki also said that she would really like to have a private sit-down with both Mill and the judge in order to prove to the judge that her boyfriend is a changed man. She admitted that she’d like to be in charge of his calendar, and claimed that this would prevent any future problems of this nature.

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