Nicki Minaj Holds Twerking Class For Top Models


If you know anything about the dance style called twerking, then you’ll know that the posterior is a very important part of the dance. And of course, one of the best celebrity twerkers these days is someone who is known for her great big bottom – rapper Nicki Minaj.

Minaj was in New York for Fashion Week, and what better place to show us some moves. She was specifically trying to train some super models at fashion week and get them to twerk as well. Showing some of the hottest moves that she employed in her recent video for the single “Anaconda,” several clips leaked to the Internet of Minaj holding private twerking lessons for a class full of models.

Now, most of these models tend to be on the skinny side, so there is not much they can do when trying to shake their almost nonexistent rear ends. But if there’s anyone who would be able to teach them to twerk, it would be Nicki.

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