Nicki Minaj Gets To Perform At The VMAs After All


Despite the fact that she was ready to call pretty much everyone at the MTV Video Music Awards fools for their choice of nominees for this year’s awards, it seems they are all ready to forgive her and let her perform during the opening ceremony.

Honestly, this isn’t such a bad trade for Nicki, and we feel she should be grateful for the opportunity, even if she wasn’t nominated for any of the awards.

We all remember her rants on Tweeter this July and how she got into a quarrel with Taylor Swift over different opinions on the matter. But it looks like that wasn’t as serious as the media pictured it, and Swift has since offered an apology, which Minaj heartily accepted.

We learned that Minaj will open the show from a New York Times interview with Miley Cyrus (who will host this year’s show, also despite the controversy she raised in 2013). Nicki is apparently glad for the opportunity and according to her Twitter, she seems to be enjoying her VMA rehearsals.

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