Nicki Minaj Denies She Slept Her Way To The Top

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With her brand new track “Only,” Nicky Minaj wants to tackle the rumors that she had sex with her labelmates Drizzy and Weezy.

And she is very explicit about it, too. The lyrics are very NSFW so we will not add them here. Let’s just say that her new single explains how she absolutely did not have sex with Drake and Lil Wayne but if she ever did, she’d like it to involve all three of them and that her bottom should be treated as if it were a cupcake.

Basically, Nicki wants to tell the world that she made it because of her talent, not by sleeping with important people.

Drake and Lil Wayne also appear on the track (along with Chris Brown) and they too rap about the rumors of them having slept with Minaj.

According to their verses, nothing sexual ever happened between them and Miss Minaj, but they would be happy to change that, if she’s interested.

The song “Only” is taken from Minaj’s upcoming album The Pinkprint, out on December 15.

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