Nick Loeb And Sofia Vergara Fighting Over Embryos


The split between Nick Loeb and Sofia Vergara is about to get really messy. The couple were engaged to be married, but ended up breaking off the engagement and their four-year relationship in May 2014.

And according to reports, they are now battling to see who gets the rights to two female frozen embryos that the two conceived while they were trying to start a family together. Apparently, Nick has filed court papers as John Doe, against Vergara, who is named Jane Doe in the official files.

It seems that Vergara would like the embryos to be ultimately destroyed and that Loeb is totally against this and is fighting her in court. The papers state that Loeb tried to get Vergara to agree to allowing the other person to get the embryos is one of them should die. However, Vergara did not want to approve that request because she intends on making sure that the embryos are destroyed.

Loeb’s legal team even states that Vergara was abuse to him, physically, emotionally and mentally, during the course of their relationship.

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