Nick Jonas Dumps Olivia Culpo


The famous couple is officially broken up! After weeks of rumors about the two parting ways, which intensified after they were both spotted in New York on June 11 without spending any time together, we now know the reason for such odd behavior.

Namely, things took a turn for the worse when Miss USA 2012 started acting jealous of all the girls coming up to her famous boyfriend after the Billboard Music Awards. After a while, Jonas decided to end things with her. Quite an unexpected twist, given that he was the one who wrote the song Jealous for her, don’t you think?

Jonas and Culpo had been together since 2012, when they were seen kissing at the US Open tennis tournament. They were inseparable throughout their relationship, and had many public displays of affection over the years, all of which made them seem like the perfect couple.

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