Nick Gordon Desperately Wants To Attend Bobbi’s Funeral


“Krissi loved me very much and she would want me there” – these are just some of the words Nick Gordon sent in an email to Bobby Brown. Apparently, he sent Bobbi Kristina’s father a long email, begging him for his blessing to attend her funeral.

He is obviously desperate as the police continues the homicide investigation – with him as their main suspect. Nick included Pat Houston in his letter because she’s the one in charge of the funeral arrangements, so he literally begged them both to put all their differences aside and allow him the chance to say goodbye.  Nick was the #1 unwelcome person the whole time Bobbi was hospitalized, but we shouldn’t completely forget about Bobby Brown.

He was blamed by Whitney Houston’s family for her death and even left her funeral early after a dispute over seating. Not a good period for both families, and everyone is just wondering when their troubles will come to an end.

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