Nick Cannon Dragging Out His Divorce With Mariah Carey


In what appears to be a classic case of “finding a better man”, we can see Mariah Carey is pretty much determined on sucking a divorce out from her current husband, rapper Nick Cannon.

But he’s been slow to finish the story which puts Mariah in an awkward position – she’s already found her new knight in shining armour, billionaire James Packer, but since she’s still married to Cannon, she can’t quite marry Packer. Nobody’s above the law, and so Mariah has to play nice for now. But she’s taking the matter into her own hands.

We had a chance to see the famous singer having dinner with Laura Wasser and fellow lawyer, Melanie Mandles – and if anybody can help Mariah with this situation, it’s Laura Wasser, who’s successfully aided so many celebrities with divorces we’d need a whole separate article just to list them all. The point of their meeting was finding Cannon’s soft spots that they cold hit hard in order to pressure him into going through with the divorce procedure. What can we say – good luck Mariah.

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