Neil Patrick Harris Reveals Details Of Wedding To David Burtka


After spending more than 10 years together, the famous actor Neil Patrick Harris finally tied the knot with long term partner David Burtka. 

Only a few weeks after the ceremony, Neil explained why the couple decided to make their relationship official.  The How I Met Your Mother actor appeared on The View and said that they got married because of their twins.

“We’ve been together over 10 years and I think when our kids got to the age they were having reasonable conversations, when they are asking lots of why questions, to have a clear-cut explanation of who their daddy is, I think is great.  He’s my husband and it was easier than partner or boyfriend or something like that.”

Further, he said that the wedding was pretty much dedicated to their kids and added that he got nervous and emotional during the ceremony.

“It was so crazy, because when you watch other people say their vows and get all chocked up, you say ‘Come on! Pull it together man. Then when you are standing there and it’s you and you have this piece of paper in your hand and it’s shaking … you can’t help but just get super-duper chocked up.”

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