NBC Mad At Mariah For Ditching Christmas Show


Singer Mariah Carey always does a little something for the holidays with NBC, so they know how she works. They know that she’s always late to shows, so that’s why they ask her to pretape her segments in advance.

And while she did show up on Wednesday to film her performance, she completely skipped out on the scheduled Tuesday taping.

She was supposed to tape a performance at the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree show on Tuesday, but didn’t show up at all and left NBC staff waiting for her in the freezing cold and rain for three hours.

The diva’s reps had excuse after excuse and finally just said that she would not come in at all until Wednesday. Thankfully for them, the Wednesday show went off without a hitch, but there’s no doubt that the people at NBC are pretty sick of Carey and don’t want to see her until next December at the earliest.

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