Naya Rivera Says Showering Daily Is ‘Such A White People Thing’

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Glee star Naya Rivera wanted to share some words of wisdom on the View, but ended up embarrassing herself and causing an outrage on social networks. The 28-year-old actress basically said that showering every day is for white people.

She must have thought about this hypothesis for months as she even gave examples from her personal life. For instance, we found out that her mom, who is half black, half Puerto Rican showers every day (kudos to your mom!), while her white husband Ryan Dorsey ‘showers a lot, like two, three times a day.’ Rivera is honestly shocked to discover her husband’s hygienic practices.

Naturally, the audience was more than shocked at Rivera’s “discovery” that non-white people don’t shower every day just because she doesn’t have the habit of hitting the shower regularly.

After discovering that Twitter doesn’t agree with her, Rivera told the community to get a sense of humor.

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