Nancy Motes Fiancé Insists Her Death Is Interpreted Wrongly


For the first time since the tragic loss, Nancy Motes’ fiancé has spoken out insisting Motes’ furious tweets that were posted in January have been interpreted wrongly. He suggests all the rumors about Nancy not getting along with her half-sister Julia Roberts are false.

Four days after he discovered her dead, John Dilbeck made a statement offering his condolences to her family and asking the media to leave them alone. What’s more, he explains that his late fiancé was determined to work on the relationship with her family, even though her tweets suggested she was angry at Julia at the time of her death.

The statement reads: “John Dilbeck and his extended family would like to express their heartfelt condolences to all of Nancy Motes’ family and friends. We loved her dearly and will miss her always. Please know that the words she wrote in online venues were those of someone in pain who loved her family and longed for a closer bond with them.”

“Nancy was a kind and thoughtful person quick to give a hug or share her memorable laugh. John is heartbroken and requests that he be left in peace to recover from a loss that all should understand.”

At the time of her death, a suicide note was found at the scene along with non-prescription and prescription drugs. However, the toxicology analysis is yet to confirm the exact cause of death.

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