Mother Of Christian Bale In Desperate Need For Attention


Out of desperation and necessity, Christian Bale’s mother, Jenny, publically tried to contact him hoping that they could start afresh before he turns 40.

Their relationship fell apart in 2008 when Christian was arrested; he was accused of attacking his mother and his sister Sharon. The incident allegedly happened before the UK premiere of The Dark Knight. However, Bale denied the incident, and the whole affair ended with the case being dropped.

Jenny has tried to reconnect with her Oscar-winning son, who lives in the US. Until now, her attempts haven’t been successful, so she decided to go through the media, and is eager to make it work before his 40th birthday on January 30th.

Jenny told her story to Britain’s Sunday Mirror, adding: “Six years is long enough. I want him back. It’s so sad we have not spoken in all this time. It’s sad for me. It’s sad for him too. His grandma Edna is 90 now and she wants contact with him – and it’s his 40th coming up. Now would be a wonderful time to get back together so we could all be a family again.”

She also said she just wants her son back in her life. “I want to reach out to him. I hope he reads this and gets in touch. I hope we can get back to how we used to be. I wish Christian only the best. I still send him emails but don’t get any response and send cards for Christmas and birthdays via his other sister Louise in Los Angeles.”

Without any remorse, Jenny is constantly trying to reach out to Christian. “I keep doing it as if nothing has happened just to keep him up to date with the family.”

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