Mother Of Bill Cosby’s Accuser Begs Camille To Tell The Truth


The mother of Jennifer Kaya Thompson, one of Bill Cosby’s accusers, wrote a letter to his wife Camille asking her to finally tell the truth.

According to The Associated Press, Thompson, who was 17 when she first met Cosby, was introduced to the comedian by her parents in the late 1980s because they wanted someone to help her with her modeling career.

Instead of helping her, Thompson claims that he assaulted her and ruined her aspiring career. Her mother wrote the letter to Camille Cosby because her daughter needs closure. Also, she believes Camille would have understanding because she has three daughters herself.

Neither Camille nor Cosby’s spokesman have commented on the letter. However, Cosby did release a weird short video message to his fans in which he spoke about an upcoming show.

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