Molestation Charges Against Cosby Dropped

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The misdemeanor charges for annoying or molesting a child, filed against Bill Cosby in a civil lawsuit by Judy Huth, have been rejected by the LA prosecutors.

The decision came after Huth spoke to the LAPD for about 90 minutes and after the prosecutors decided that the lawsuit is blocked by the statute of limitations.

In misdemeanor cases, the statute of limitations is one year and for a felony sex crime that took place in 1974, the statute of limitations is three years. Therefore, as Huth’s lawyer stated, it is probable that the charges were dropped because of that legal obstacle, not because of the validity of her claims.

Huth accused Bill Cosby of forcing her into performing a sexual act in 1974, when she was 15, in the Playboy Mansion. She is one of more than 15 women who have recently claimed they were sexually molested by Cosby in the past.

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