Mitch Buchannon’s Son Stabs Woman


The details on this one are a bit sketchy, so please do not hate us for making it sound a bit confusing. That is the way we heard it and we’re just letting you in on the whole thing.

The “celebrity” involved in this incident is the guy who played Hasselhoff’s son on the best TV show of the 90s – and also ever – Baywatch. Jeremy Jackson is all grown up now and, apparently, spends his time stabbing people left and right. It all went down in August. Why we’re hearing about this now, is beyond us, but whatever. Apparently, he stabbed a woman and then fled, as all brave men do when they stab someone.

According to the woman in question, Jeremy was trying to break into her boyfriend’s car and when she tried to stop him, he stabbed her in the arm, leg and back. He’s been charged with two felonies – criminal threats and assault with a deadly weapon.

The weirdest thing about it is that he had already been arrested in April for stabbing someone; this time a guy. Jackson is a stabber, apparently.


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