Minnesota – The Beyonce State


It was all party party party in Minnesota on Monday, when celebrity pop star Beyonce stopped by at the TCF Bank Stadium, to give a stunning performance for her eager audience. The singer is on the Formation tour these days, so she moves around quite a lot, but Minnesota made news for a very special reason.

Mark Clayton, the current governor of the state of Minnesota, declared Monday, May 23rd, 2016 official Beyonce day. Not only that, but the day also got a catchphrase like the cherry on the top of a very awkward cake – Happy Bey-day!

It’s not a stretch to say that Governor Clayton is running a great risk of becoming a laughing stock, not to mention the fact that he will feel the outrage of the Minnesotans, who lack any understanding for this shenanigan. Though Clayton expressed his admiration for the strong female role model that Beyonce poses, Minnesotans pointed out that she encourages violent behavior in her videos and performances.

Not to mention the fact that Minnesota is the birthplace of recently deceased legend Prince, who remained loyal to his state throughout his life. Apparently, his contribution is not as important as Bey’s.

After this debacle, however, one question poses itself: What would happen if Beyonce ran for president?

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