Miley’s Hot And Homeless VMA Date Sentenced To Six Months In Prison


Since it’s really hard to be shocked by anything Miley Cyrus does these days, her decision to have her MTV VMA Award collected for her by a hot homeless man was mildly surprising and moderately entertaining.

The story of Jesse Helt, who delivered a speech about the difficulties homeless people are facing in America, continues along not so favorable lines. Helt was arrested for having violated his probation (he was first arrested in 2010 in Oregon for a number of misdemeanor charges) and promptly sent to a jail in Polk County, Oregon.

His attorney tried his best to paint a picture of a young, passionate man trying to make amends with society while living in dire conditions in Los Angeles, especially focusing on his volunteering at a homeless center where Miley first met him.

However, the judge was not impressed and ordered that Helt should serve his six months sentence, 57 days of which will count as served.

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