Miley Holds First Art Opening at Miami’s Art Basel Complete With Nipple Pasties

Miley Cyrus Performs Live In Sydney

When we think about real art we rarely think about Miley Cyrus.

In her latest attempt to prove herself as a true artist Miley participated in an art show exhibiting found-object sculptures, paintings and posters at Miami’s Art Basel. What we cannot wrap our heads around is the outfit she chose for the occasion.

She was wearing all-silver everything, and disco ball nipple pasties. Why Miley, why?

After the exibition she performed with Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lip. At one point she turned around to the audience with the following:

“You thought this was a respected place where you could escape me? This year has constantly challenged me, and that’s why I started doing art.”

We can only repeat: Why Miley, why?

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