Miley Cyrus Won’t Label Her Sexuality


Some interesting things were said during Miley Cyrus’ Facebook Q&A yesterday. However, the most interesting question was when a person asked her what her sexuality is. The 22-year-old said that she doesn’t want to label herself and that she can love anyone who loves her.

She also opened up about her personal life a bit, and stated that not all of her relationships in the past have been exclusively heterosexual.

Of course, we all know about the hunks that Miley has been with, most recently Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Patrick, but she did not want to elaborate about her partners any further.

As most fans know, Miley is a big LGBT supporter and has been for a long time, so these progressive and honest statements about sexuality should be no surprise coming from her. She just launched her Happy Hippy Foundation, which helps homeless youth, particularly LGBT homeless kids who have been forced out of their homes because of their sexual orientation.

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