Miley Cyrus Poses As A Stripper


We know Miley Cyrus has always been a fan of naughty photographs, but according to new pictures, it seems she expanded her profession. The pop star has posed as a stripper with a fistful of dollar bills in her denim shorts.

Miley is often criticized for her spicy onstage performances in the past few months. However, she obviously doesn’t care much about the critics, as she posted the stripper-pose photo to her Instagram page yesterday, while on her Bangerz tour.

This wasn’t her first photo that shocked fans lately. She has also posted a snap of herself in a bikini, while her buttocks were clearly showing bruises. The singer didn’t even try to hide them, adding, “Yasss (yes) that’s a bruise on my a**sss.”

Also, a toples picture on her Twitter page revealed a nasty sunburn, captioned,

“Quick (costume) change (at the concert) today is gonna be a realllllllllll (real) b***h.”

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