Miley Cyrus Pays Touching Tribute To Her Late Fish


People are often very heartbroken when they lose a pet. But not many people tend to connect very intimately with a fish. But Miley Cyrus did. The pop diva was so sad that her blowfish, named Pablow, died a couple of months ago, that she wrote a song for him.

She played it live during her Backyard Sessions, just her and her keyboard, and she almost broke down crying in the middle of the song.

The track talks about how she couldn’t believe that she could connect so much with a pet that she couldn’t touch. She also talked about how it was hard to watch her friends eat Pablow’s friends when she went out to a sushi restaurant. Miley also said in the song that if she had a second chance, she would have set Pablow free into the ocean, but said that she kept him in a tank in an effort to protect him.

Don’t laugh! The song is really sweet.

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