Miley Cyrus Hotel Outburst Story Bogus


Even though there were rumors circling that Miley Cyrus and her crew were causing problems at the Greenwich Hotel in New York, according to hotel staff, there were no complaints from the staff or guests about the pop star and her entourage.

The rumors stated that Cyrus and her crew blew through the hotel like a tornado and that many guests complained about the noise. There were also reports that Cyrus had a meltdown in the lobby and that the hotel staff was trying to calm her down to no avail.

The tipsters said that she was screaming at the staff, saying that they should be happy that she didn’t take her money elsewhere.

However, all of these claims were denied by the staff, who said that there were absolutely no complaints about Miley and her team from other hotel patrons or the staff itself.

Earlier this month pop princess was photographed while squatting near a tree, with her pants around her angles, looking straight at the camera.

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