Miley Cyrus Comes Out As Genderqueer And Bisexual


The Wrecking Ball singer goes on to shock the world with her new statements and activities. This time, she has come out as genderqueer, which means she does not identify with any of the gender binary categories. Not only that – Miley has come out of the closet too, and revealed she is bisexual.

She has also launched a campaign to promote transgender and gender expansive stories of different people. The campaign is taking place on Instagram and is called #InstaPride. She will personally be taking photos of the participants, the first one being a 19-year-old man named Leo Sheng. Leo is a transgender male from Michigan, and he shares the story of his female-to-male transition.

Cyrus has also started a Happy Hippy foundation in May. The goal of the Happy Hippy foundation is to provide children and teenagers with art and animal therapy, as well as offering support to those who need it.

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