Miley Cyrus Calls The Shots This Sunday


Some thought that, after her notorious performance with Robin Thicke at the 2013 VMA show, Miley Cyrus would be banned from the awards – or at least kept at a safe distance. Instead, the controversial singer was offered to be this year’s host and she gladly accepted to entertain us throughout the night.

And now it seems that she has no rules, restrictions or limitations whatsoever – she can do whatever she wants and she will definitely do what she wants. Mind you, VMA executive producer Garrett English confirmed the news (not only did he confirm it, he was the one to announce it to the world) and said that they are ‘giving her pretty free rein’ at the much-anticipated awards.

He concluded that she has been nothing short of fantastic during the preparations, but refused to give any more details. Well, he may be confident that nothing will go wrong on Sunday, but others expect a lot of controversial antics from her – like always.

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