Michael Jackson Had Huge Stash Of Sick Pornography


It’s probably no surprise to anyone that the late King of Pop had some serious mental issues. However, a new police report has definitely confirmed all suspicions.

According to the new report that was just released by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department, Michael Jackson had a huge collection of pretty disgusting pornography and other disturbing images at his Neverland Ranch.

The police discovered this material while Jackson was being investigated for child sexual abuse back in 2003. According to the report, police found gruesome images of animal torture and perverted pornographic videos and photos that feature both adults and children.

Police also found drugs on the scene, which Jackson used to help him with his sex addiction. Investigators believe that the celebrity singer used these photos to try and arouse the children that visited his home.

After being acquitted of the child abuse charges in 2005, Jackson reportedly paid more than $200 million to get at least 20 individuals to stay quiet about his sex addiction and deviance.

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