Michael Douglas Brags About His Junk


We don’t get to hear celebrities talking about their private parts very often, so it was kind of surprising to see Michael Douglas and George Wayne (who is known to ask very personal and intimate questions during interviews) discussing the actor’s pee-pee.

It seems that Wayne aksed Douglas about the key to his success at a party after Monday night’s screening of “Ant-Man”. He told Douglas “Your father had his cleft chin. Omar Sharif had the gap in his teeth…”, and before he could continue, Douglas promptly responded with “I have a big d—k.”

Maybe Wayne hit a soft spot mentioning Michael’s family, or maybe Douglas was just in a cocky mood. Either way, some would agree that the response was rushed and perhaps a bit impolite, but hey, it’s the celebrity world. They are allowed (or at least they think they are allowed) to do pretty much anything they please.

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