Michael C. Hall Dominated The Realistic Joneses


Actor Michael C. Hall was critically acclaimed for his ‘superb’ Broadway return in The Realistic Joneses. Nevertheless, critics weren’t very impressed by the dark comedy itself.

He teamed up with Marisa Tomei, Toni Collette and Tracy Letts in order to take playwright Will Eno’s show to Broadway. It has previously won rave reviews at the Yale Repertory Theatre in Connecticut.

However, the New York version wasn’t that successful. It failed to wow theatre-goers on its opening night on Sunday, April 6.

The play about two married couples and neighbors wasn’t very amusing to Entertainment Weekly writer Melissa Rose Bernardo. She reports the production was “surprisingly short on plot” and the 90-minute play was “excruciatingly long.”

The Hollywood Reporter’s writer David Rooney said,

“While the play is stuffed with droll wordplay and wry comic observations that hit the mark, you can also feel much of its humor and poetry not quite landing – getting lost in the airy space of a large auditorium.”

Theatre critic of The New York Daily News, Joe Dziemianowicz, was happy about Sam Gold’s ‘tight direction’, explains the cast to be “natural and convincing”, but he also says the story fails to develop by saying,

“The engine remains stuck in second. Keeping up with these Joneses quickly loses its appeal.”

However, the praise from Rooney goes to Hall and his first Broadway role in 15 years. He said,

“Hall has the meatiest role here, and he’s superb.”

Variety’s Marilyn Stasio praises Letts’ performance, insisting he “plays crusty-old-guy to perfection.”

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