Mexican Singer Loses Tampon On Live TV


Of all of the things that could happen to you on national television, this probably ranks up there with some of the worst. Patricia Navidad is a famous Mexican singer who was performing on Univision’s “Despierta America,” which is pretty much the Mexican channel’s equivalent to a popular American morning show like Good Morning America.

While she is performing on the show, you can see that her tampon just falls out and onto the floor. But Navidad really takes it like a pro. She is completely unfazed by the hygienic mishap and continues performing like nothing happened at all.

It’s a pretty spectacular video. If you were watching this and it didn’t wake you up momentarily, we don’t know what to tell you. As for Navidad, she is definitely going into the television mishap hall of fame, as this is something that is going to be talked about for a pretty long time. We know it’s wrong, but we just can’t stop rewinding the video!

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