Meghan Trainor Dismisses The Feminist Label


When a pop star tackles an issue such as body image and acceptance, the idealization of the skinny body an things like that, different groups will inevitably try to recruit him or her for their cause.

Meghan Trainor, whose song “All About That Bass” has been a big radio hit lately, seems to have fallen into that particular trap.

The song, a catchy ‘50s sounding soda-shop-pop-meets-R’n’B tune, is all about praising fuller bodies, booties to be precise, and accepting yourself just as you are.

This might seem like a typical feminist stance – body acceptance is a major feminist issue. However, as Trainor herself stated in a recent Billboard piece, she does not consider herself a feminist at all.

Now, she either does not have a very clear idea on what feminism is or she does not want to be labelled as such in order to prevent alienating a large chunk of her potential audience.

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