Meek Mill Apologizes To Nicki For Drake Attack


This must be a pretty complicated situation for Meek Mill. He has been all over the news for bashing Toronto rapper Drake, saying that he does not write his own lyrics. Even if it’s true, why would you do this Meek?

Don’t you realize who your fiance is? Don’t you realize who her mentor is? In case you are the last person in the world to find out, Meek Mill is dating and engaged to hip-hop bombshell Nicki Minaj. And as most people who know Minaj know, she and Drake are very close. They pretty much blew up at the same time and have collaborated many times while being on the same label to boot. So they are pretty much BFFs.

Even though Meek apologize, he wasn’t backing away from his claims. He just said he was sorry for the attack, but said that it’s unfortunate that someone like Drake doesn’t write his own raps.


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