Meadow Walker Gets $10.1 Million From Roger Rodas’ Estate


Late actor Paul Walker‘s 17-year-old daughter Meadow will be rewarded $10.1 million from the estate of Roger Rodas, the man who was driving the car during the fatal accident in which her father was a passenger.

Both Rodas and Walker were killed in the crash, which took place on November 20, 2013. According to Meadow Walker’s lawyer, this money only covers a small part of the money that Paul Walker would have earned as an international movie star and celebrity if he had not died so young.

Meadow Walker and her legal team have also sued Porsche, claiming that manufacturer defects in the vehicle were to blame for Walker‘s death. Rodas‘ widow filed a similar suit against Porsche but did not win. According to Meadow‘s legal team, they will continue to fight to hold the car company accountable for the death of both Walker and Rodas.

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