McCartney Enlists Big Names To Record His Own Music


Sir Paul McCartney might have a bit of an ego, but that’s totally fine. He is not only a knight, but also a member of probably the biggest rock band of all time – The Beatles. Not to mention that he recorded tons of hit records on his own after leaving the band.

And that’s why it is completely alright for him to enlist some of the biggest names in all of music to record some of his songs. It might appear to be McCartney producing a tribute album to himself, but let’s just look at it as a really cool project.

So who’s going to be participating in the album? Only the biggest of the big – KISS, Willie Nelson, The Cure, Alice Cooper, Billy Joel and many more.

The album is scheduled for a November release. Some other people rumored to be on the album are rock legends Def Leppard, Brian Wilson of  The Beach Boys and Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees.

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