MC Hammer Trying To Stop US Tax Official


Veteran rapper MC Hammer is taking legal action in his try to stop U.S. tax official from collecting funds he insists he has already paid.

Legendary You Can’t Touch This MC, real name Stanley Burrell, was named in a court document in December 2013. Allegedly, in 1996 and 1997 he and his wife Stephanie failed to submit income tax payments. Authorities at Internal Revenue Service (IRS) asked a judge for permission to garnish his earnings and settle an invoice.

MC Hammer’s tax problems continue, even eighteen years after he famously filed for bankruptcy and lost all his master recordings in the process. In December 2013 the rapper reportedly owed almost $800,000 in taxes to the IRS, but apparently they’re asking for even more, as reported $1.4 million.

Burrell, who filed for bankruptcy in 1996, advocates he has fully settled his debt in 2007.

He said he handed over a $1.4 million (£875,000) check to the IRS and claims he has been invoiced for another $1.4 million in tax penalties relating to the same period.

According to, he also said he has his 1997 papers for his payment, so he filed papers of his own. He is now urging a judge to help him stop the tax requests by denying the IRS officials’ order for funds.

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