Matt LeBlanc Cursed Out Princes William And Harry


Frederick M. Brown/Chris Jackson Getty Images Entertainment/gettycopyright]

If there’s one thing that Matt LeBlanc hates, it’s being asked about when a Friends reunion is going to happen. And no matter who you are, LeBlanc will probably give you an angry answer if you ask him this question. Even if you are royalty!

LeBlanc was on Conan this week and talked about the one time he met Prince William and Harry. They were all attending a charity polo match back in 2010 at England’s Coworth Park.

LeBlanc said that he stood in line to meet the two royals, and when he did meet them, they both asked him whether there was going to be a Friends reunion.

“I told them to f–k off,” LeBlanc told Conan.

However, it was in jest and there is no bad blood between him and the royal family. He also mentioned that he met Harry at a bar once and that he is a lot of fun to hang out with.

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