Matt Damon Signed Up Before Reading Zero Theorem Script


Actor Matt Damon obviously has a lot of confidence in director Terry Gilliam, since he signed up for a role in a new sci-fi drama The Zero Theorem before he even read the script. It’s like Hollywood’s version of a trust-fall.

Terry was surprised how smooth casting the actor went.
The Bourne Identity star revealed willingness to do whatever was required of him in the low-budget drama about an engineer trying to find whether life has a meaning using a mathematical formula.

The filmmaker said, “I called Matt and said, ‘I’ve got a small part for you, probably four or five days, I’ll send you the script,” he responded with, “Don’t bother, I’m in.”

Matt Damon isn’t the only one who signed with Gilliam without any additional requirements. Tilda Swinton and Ben Whishaw also joined the team with Damon without reading a script or discussing salary.

The Monty Python legend added, “Tilda and I had met at different festivals and always said we ought to work together, Ben Whishaw, the same thing.

And basically I just called them and they all just came and they worked for scale, that’s how we made the film, because we didn’t have the budget.”

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