Master P’s Estranged Wife Denied Custody Order


Master P’s estranged wife has allegedly been denied an urgent custody order after she demanded the rapper return their three children to her.

The former couple were making constant headlines during their high-profile split in 2013. Sonya Miller filed for divorce from the rapper in October 2013 after 24 years of being married to him.

She accused the 43-year old rapper, real name, Percy Miller, of failing to provide for their minor children, which forced her to live off only welfare payments she receives from the U.S. government.

According to, they have no current court order in place pertaining to custody or visitation. However, Sonya has asked the court to give her physical custody.

The motion has been denied until a hearing scheduled for July.

She reported Percy has taken their 13-year old son Hercy from school in February only to never return him to her.

She continues by saying he has done the same with their nine-year old son later in March, while their 17-year old daughter Tytyana went to live with him at the same time.

However, she has one child left, 14-year old daughter Italy, who still lives with her mother, and their other son, a rapper Romeo, is an adult.
The children seem to find life at P’s multi-million dollar mansion obviously quite pleasant, however.

So pleasant that Miller’s “17-year-old daughter Tytyana ran off to live with her dad and won’t come back.”

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