Martin Scorsese Might Know More Of Quaaludes Than You Thought


It seems for Martin Scorsese every experience can be useful, even the ones from a drug experimenting past. The director recalled one of his past experiences to help Leonardo DiCaprio perform the effects of the sedative-hypnotic drug Quaalude in The Wolf of Wall Street.

However, it’s not as wild as it sounds; he only once took the pill to help with a flight.
DiCaprio’s character Belfort has to drive his luxurious sport car home after he was suddenly hit with the effect of the body-paralyzing drug in a country club.

He burbles and drools and has difficulties pronouncing any words.
In regards to that hilarious scene, Martin admitted having more experience than he should have.

“I was actually prescribed a Quaalude for fear of flying… It was, like, a five hour flight and you took that pill and you didn’t care where you were.
You wanted to hug everybody… and you were crying,” said Scorsese.

Quaaludes are something between sleeping pills and sedatives designed to take effect within 15 minutes after consumption.
The experience is described as, “It was hard to imagine how anything could feel better than this.
Any problems you had were immediately forgotten or irrelevant.”

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