Mark Wahlberg Wants To Become A Policeman?


Mark Wahlberg has played a police officer in movies so many times, it is no wonder he now wants to become a real one.

The problem is, you can’t be a policeman if you don’t have a clean record, and, as we all know, Wahlberg does not.

The actor is asking the Massachusetts Board of Pardons to erase his felony assault conviction that goes back to that time he beat up a man in 1988. While the exact reasons for his wish were not made specifically clear by Wahlberg or his publicists, sources believe that he wants to join the police force as a reserve officer with the LAPD.

A reserve officer is the same thing as a regular policeman, only without a salary. In order to become one, he would have to have his criminal record cleared, which is why he submitted an official application for the pardon, in which he says he has grown close to the police force but his criminal record is standing in the way of joining it.

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