Marilyn Manson Never Showers With Women

Premiere Screening Of FX's "Sons Of Anarchy" - Red Carpet

As if he isn’t weird enough, Marilyn Manson revealed to Rolling Stone that he doesn’t like showering with women – nor takes off his underwear during sex. Yes, we are serious.

“I’m all forms of crazy, which I think is one of my most charming qualities. It’s not diagnosable, because it involves co-morbidity, which is when you have multiple disorders, so they can’t figure out what it is. I don’t really like being intimate with people. I think maybe twice in my life have I taken a shower with a girl, and that was in the dark.”

His new album comes out soon and apparently:

“It’s dirty, like the dirt under my nails, like someone who has dug a grave.”

One of many Manson’s friends, Johnny Depp, is apparently more than that – a bestie:

“Johnny’s one of the only people I can talk to. I can’t explain it other than we don’t ever have to say anything, but we can’t really say it to anyone else, either. We like to consider ourselves 12th-graders, the guys with more experience than the ninth-graders, the ones that the girls want to f***. I mean, time and age are really irrelevant to me. Johnny is the same way. Sometimes, I think I’m trapped in the age that I started this. I’m trapped at 23.”

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Premiere Screening Of FX's "Sons Of Anarchy" - Red Carpet

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