Mariah Carey Wants To Squash J.Lo Beef Rumors For Good


Mariah Carey is getting sick of the questions regarding the so-called beef between her and fellow pop star Jennifer Lopez that people have been talking about for well over a decade.

According to the diva, there is no beef and there never was one. Basically, it was just a misunderstanding and her words being taken out of context.

So where did the rumor begin? Apparently, someone asked Carey some time in the early 2000s about Lopez, and Carey said “I don’t know her.”

People figured that it was a diss, and that Carey was saying that she has no idea who J.Lo is.

When Lopez was asked about it, she confirmed that she and Carey had met a couple times, adding that Mimi must have a bad memory.

But Carey wasn’t saying that she didn’t know who Lopez was. According to Carey, all she was saying was that she didn’t know Lopez personally – of course she knew who she was, they just aren’t buddies.

So that’s it. Celebrity beef squashed, hopefully.

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